Twitter Followers

Don’t waste money showing your twitter adverts to thousands of random twitter users. Laser focus your adverts towards only the followers of the most influential twitter account(s) in your niche.

We can research the best twitter influencers in your target market and download a full list of their followers and make sure your adverts on twitter are exclusively shown to them.

Target Specific Followers

Motorhome Enthusiasts

With over five million on the database.

We can use provide you with a list of the ones that match your chosen criteria.

Holidaying in France

Close to 200 million people use twitter everyday.

We can compile a prospects list tailored to target your ideal prospective client.

Bloggers and Influencers

Is there a twitter account that is a huge influencer in your niche?

We can provide a full list of their followers so you can target your advertising specifically to them.

If you have a question, or wish to discuss a tailormade data marketing list, phone us on 01527 908234 or use the enquiry form on the contact page.

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