One simple question ...

Discover How Asking Your Customers One Simple Question Could Send Your Future Sales Soaring!

All the Giants – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon – Use This One Question as Their Foundation for Future Growth …

And Guess What? It Works for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses as Well!

We all know the importance of research to business success.

From what market you choose to what products you offer to the level of customer service you deliver … good research plays a key role in helping you make the right, most profitable decisions.

But what if you could get all the information you need to grow with one simple question?

How much easier would things be for you?

You could say goodbye to the hours and hours your probably spend online now reading conflicting sources and trying to determine what is the best way to proceed ...

You could stop pestering customers and requesting that they give up their valuable time to complete your lengthy surveys ...

You could also stop the frustrating process of trying to get prospects to explain why they don’t want your product or service …

Well, that is what I want to talk to you about today. You see, top researchers have made a truly landmark discovery – there is one question that is head and shoulders better than any other question you could ever ask when it comes to growing your business.

This one question is so effective in fact that it is ALL you need to ask.

This one question will give you a “boat-load” of information that you can immediately start using to send sales skyrocketing. And wait it gets even better ...

You Will Only Have to Ask This Question to Customers … Not Prospects!

It might sound backward to question those who bought from you instead of the prospects who rejected your offer – but, trust me, it’s not.

The truth is many prospects who don’t buy from you were never qualified for your offer to begin with. As a result, the information you get from them may be full of “red herrings” that lead you in the wrong direction.

You need to talk to your customers – and all you need to ask them is one simple question.

All you have to do is create a one-question survey for them to answer. For example, you could put it on your Thank You Page or you could send them an email invite to a stand-alone page with the one-question survey.

Don’t worry, most customers, excited about receiving your product or service, will be eager to answer this one question. Suddenly you’ll have all the information you need to speed up your growth.

In fact, to make this even easier for you here’s what I’ve done:

Introducing The One Simple Question System!

To help you get all the important information you need to grow your business and send your sales soaring I have created a complete One Simple Question system that includes:

  • The one question you need to ask all customers
  • Full installation of the world’s easiest “drag and drop” survey building software that will allow you to build as many one-question surveys (or multiple question surveys) as you want
  • One full year of SSL-secured hosting of your survey software

It’s never been easier to get the information and tools you need grow your business!

With The One Simple Question system you’ll have the same data that BIG companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon have used to become customer-centric behemoths.

Join the Large Companies (And Numerous Smaller Ones) That Have Grown By Asking One Simple Question!

Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon have succeeded because they know how important having the right data is to being able to grow.

These companies change may change their website, their products and services or their marketing but it is never on a whim, it is always due to the information provided by this one simple question.

And here is something else to consider:

And if you’ve bought from one or more of these companies you already know this – they do NOT send long surveys to their customers!

Their surveys are always really short.

Most often, they ask their customers just one simple question, the same question I’m going to reveal to you in The One Simple Question system.

The answers to this question are analyzed and used to make improvements – whether it is in the sales funnel or the product or service itself or in customer service or some other business aspect.

The answers to this one simple question allow these companies to quickly eliminate the ‘weak points’ in their sales structure – whether it’s the process, product, service or something else.

The answers to your one-question survey will allow you to do the same thing! Plus, with the One Simple Question system you won’t have to worry about installing survey software or hosting the surveys.

Everything will be done for you – all for a terrific low price!

You Need a Fool-Proof System to Collect Data

In today’s competitive marketplace, all businesses, no matter what size they are, need accurate data to find out what is really affecting sales.

Without a reliable system, using this one-question technique may lead you to make wrong decisions – lowering sales and increasing expenses.

And using just any old survey system won’t do either! For example, using free survey builders will lower your response rate because most customers don’t take those systems seriously.

Your professionally designed, secure and easy-to-use survey that was created with the One Simple Question system will boost your response rate while collecting accurate, valuable insights from your customers!

Don’t Let Hidden Problems Continue to Negatively Impact Your Sales!

If your sales are not at the level you want them to be at or if you think you are losing a lot of potential customers each day and you are not sure why … the One Simple Question system is perfect for you!

This system is guaranteed to work with any type of business – you’ll get the information you need to grow! And you’ll only need to ask one question.

We’ve been helping people just like you boost their business and website performance since 2002. Our software is always structured to be reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

The One Simple Question system will help you:

  • Easily spot the problems in your business that are hurting sales
  • Identify what changes you can make to significantly boost profits
  • Collect valuable customer insight that will allow you to streamline and fine-tune your business to generate maximum profits
  • Get specific ideas to improve existing products or services or even create new ones
  • And much more

And remember, to make things even easier for you, we will install the survey software! Our software:

  • Is user-friendly with a simple drag & drop interface that anyone can use
  • Allows you to get your own survey form up and running in just 24 hours or less
  • Offers UNLIMITED forms and submissions
  • Delivers real-time results and form analytics with important metrics you can track
  • Offers optional email notifications
  • Allows forms to be embedded in your website
  • Features the ability to export data to an Excel spreadsheet

Plus, remember we will also be hosting your software for added security and reliability! You won’t have to worry about your survey going down and you missing out on valuable insights. Your data will also be kept secure while still being easy for you to access.

“This software allowed us to know what our customers were thinking before buying from me. I used to think that I didn’t need this software and actually tried free-to-use options. Sadly, I got useless responses and decided to try the ‘one question’ system. I was simply AMAZED ... We were able to grow our sales in just a matter of days!”

—Jonathan Wagner, CEO of Business Solutions

So What Are You Waiting For?

Order Now & Save Money By Taking Advantage of Our Limited Time Promotional Offer!

How much would you expect to pay for information and resources that could send your business’ sales skyrocketing?

Certainly, even thousands of dollars would not be unreasonable to many business owners considering the profits that could be generated through the use of the One Simple Question system.

But relax you won’t have to pay near that much to get the full system today.

Here’s the deal: the next 200 people who order can get the full system for just $225. Remember, that includes the one question, software installation and a full year of hosting.

The value of the one question is priceless. The value of the software installation is over $300 and according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses one year of hosting typically costs $1,100 to $3,800 for the first year.

In other words, our $225 promotional price is a real steal! But you must act fast. This offer will be taken down when just 200 orders have been received and we are already well on our way to hitting that mark. This offer will not be available for much longer!

The valuable information you are able to accumulate with the One Simple Question system could allow you to easily earn more than a hundred times the small price you will be paying – and that’s not even mentioning all the money you will save by being able to identify and correct existing problems that are currently disrupting sales without your knowledge.

Here’s the Bottom Line on This Incredible Resource:

The right survey asking the right question can do wonders for your business!

You’ll learn your business’s weak points from a customer’s perspective and you’ll be able to make changes to improve your products, services, website, customer service and much more.

So why make yourself go through the expensive and frustrating trial and error process that most business owners subject themselves to as they try to grow their business?

When you could save yourself a lot of hard work as well as valuable time and money by getting The One Simple Question system today?

Just remember, your customers know what they are talking about! They've paid enough attention to make a decision, so they know enough to be able to make good suggestions.

Ask them the right question and you will unlock a treasure trove of beneficial data that you can use to grow,

Get the One Simple Question system today and get the data you need to:

  • Enjoy consistent earnings by implementing better sales and marketing strategies
  • Spot the very best profit opportunities in your market
  • Squeeze maximum cash profits from your products and/or services
  • Make changes that will turn your business into a highly efficient, highly profitable selling machine
  • Save yourself a great deal of time and stress that would have come with doing your own aimless research
  • And more

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I am so sure that you will love the One Simple Question system that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me within 30 days and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s ONE FULL MONTH to put this package to the test! I don’t think I can be any fairer than that. Either get the information you need to grow your business and your profits or get your purchase price back!

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Andrew Willis

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use The One Simple Question system?
Any business owner can benefit from this system. It doesn’t matter if you have a small, medium or large-sized business.

What will The One Simple Question system do for me?
This is a powerful tool that can help you pinpoint the problems in your business and sales process that are hurting sales.

Why should I use your software instead of free software?
The use of free software negatively impacts response rate as most customers won’t take your survey seriously. We’ve also built our software to be user-friendly, effective, secure and, most of all, reliable.

Can I really boost sales by asking one question?
Yes, even though this is a simple question to ask you are going to pleasantly surprised at the wealth of information it generates from customers.

How do I integrate the One Simple Question system into my business?
How, when, and to whom you ask the question the one simple question are important to success as well. By providing software and hosting we make it easy for you to put a one-question survey at the best place in your sales process. Initially, your survey will run on a subdomain of but this can easily be changed to run off a CNAME or A record of your DNS – so, for example, you could have it running at

Get The One Simple Question system today to start boosting your sales! Order now.

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