First Year End: March 2021

Target new companies who had their very first year end during the last month.

You can market your accountancy services to all the companies who have just past this crucial accounting date. There are 58,584 companies on the list for the month.

If you wish you can download all the details of those companies right now for a one-off flat fee of £89.00 (no VAT), or if you prefer we can narrow the list down and make it it laser targeted on your preferred type of client and/or an area of the country you wish to concentrate on.

What data do you get?

Companies with Year end March 2021: 58,584

Lines of data in the spreadsheet: 94,240 (This is because we give all the directors names and many companies have more than one)

Apart from the company names, directors and secretaries names, the marketing data contains the company address, the account category and SIC codes, as well as the exact incorporation and year end dates. 

How and when do I get the data?

As soon as you’ve paid for the data you’ll get a download link so you can instantly download the CSV File onto the spreadsheet of your choice. (Excel etc).

Can the list be filtered down?

If you wish to target a more specific group of companies, the lists can be filtered by account category, SIC codes, and address. You can choose one or more of the filters to further streamline your target list of prospects.

We’ve added a special county column, because from our experience this is one of the best ways to filter the data down into a more targeted list – and there are 73 counties to choose from.  So, whether you’re looking to find new clients in Aberdeen, Bedfordshire or Cornwall – we’ve got you covered!

First Year End May 2021

All 58,584 new companies with year end or confirmation dates next month.

Price: £89 (no VAT) or take all five data marketing lists for £189 and save £256 on the total price.

What Data Do I Get?

Company Name & Registered Office Address

Directors/Secretaries Names

Incorporation & Year End Date

Next Accounts Due Date

Account Category & SIC Codes

Confirmation Statement Due Date

Confirmation Statement Last Made Up Date

*Date Validated

All figures correct as of 6th April 2021.

If you have a question, or wish to discuss a tailormade data marketing list, phone us on 01527 908234 or use the enquiry form on the contact page

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