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Research is paramount to business success. Every great company knows this, from Facebook to Google to Apple to Amazon. Without research, there's no way of knowing what you're customers really want. Good research plays a key role in helping you make the right, most profitable decisions.

With that said, good research can be difficult. Often, a business can spend a huge amount of resources trying to determine why prospects aren't interested in your product or service. But what if you could get all the information you need to grow with one simple question? How much easier would things be for you?

Top researchers have made a truly landmark discovery – there is one question that is head and shoulders better than any other question you could ever ask when it comes to growing your business.

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Digital marketing

In this hyper-digital world, cutting through the noise and getting your business and its message to potential customers can be challenging. Here at NetOnTarget, we've perfected the use of various digital marketing solutions that can drastically improve your business's reach and effectiveness.

Through the use of SEO, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising campaigns, we can help your business target the audience you want, reach them effectively, and convert prospective buyers into paying customers. Click below to find out more about the ins and outs of digital marketing.


Search engine optimisation is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. It's a complicated topic with many different methods and strategies you need to understand, but once integrated into your marketing strategy, it will make your site more accessible in an organic way.

With a bit of practice, you can drive new customers to your sites with nothing more than some if your time and a dedication to bettering your results. To learn more about SEO, click through to the guide below.


PPC, which stands for pay-per-click, is a digital marketing model. In other words, it's a way for advertisers to pay for site traffic rather than trying to drive traffic to their site in an organic way.

For paid advertising campaigns, PPC is the most popular and reliable model out there. At its core, it's a means for advertisers to create ad campaigns, and when one of their ads are clicked, the advertisers pay a fee. While organic search engine optimisation shouldn't be neglected, running successful PPC campaigns can drive swaths of customers to your site who are ready to make a purchase. Check out our guide to learn more about the strategies and methods for running a successful PPC campaign.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the single most important factor in digital marketing. Through solid keyword research, you can figure out what it is your potential customers are searching for, and how to best present that information so that potential customers are turned into conversions.

Yet, knowing which keywords to target and how to target them is a nuances process that requires a bit of know-how. If you're ready to up your digital marketing strategy, click through to our guides below and start learning about successful keyword research.

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